Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sugar Healthy - Is There Really Such Thing ?

I just had the pleasure of taking one of my personal shopping clients. We went to the big grocery store has a large natural foods section. In fairness, my family chose to buy from local farmers and local cooperatives. We operates a national chain such as occasional supply of toilet paper. So my view of the world around food is pretty one-sided. And the question "healthy sugar" is not usually part of it.We walked only natural foods section and in my opinion, about 90% of the products are neutral flat is not good for you. I would even argue that many of them are anywhere close to "natural". In short, there are a whole lot of what I call "health washing" going on and most of them revolve around "healthy sugar". In Processed Foods? Box touting "healthy sugar" everywhere. It is frustrating to see things like toaster pastries or organic Oreo-type cookies. As if "organic" he added sugars in our food is delicious. Is this what people consider "healthy sugar"? I saw most of these products do not contain sugar ingredient lists. 

I guess this is because consumers know "sugar" is not good for them. But there are different kinds of processed, concentrated source of sugar, which is not really a "healthy sugar" How to Recognize Processed Foods:. First, the elements listed by quantity. When you read the nutrition facts label, ingredients are listed in order of total weight. So there is more to the first than any other material. If the ingredient list says "whole wheat, peanut butter, honey, cashews, cocoa butter, water, vanilla, salt" You know that there are more nuts after cocoa butter products, although only in small quantities. Of course, most people think honey "healthy sugar". However, it is possible that if you combine peanut butter and honey, they can be larger than wheat. So read the list, and read carefully.Second, learn the different names for sugar - I counted 107 so far, but it is always increasing. Manufacturers will often use more than one type of sugar so the sugar can be listed further down the list of ingredients. But, if you combine all the "healthy sugar" together, they can truly become the number one ingredient. Using the same example above, the manufacturer may decide to use a "healthy sugar" honey and evaporated cane juice rather than just honey. Now, read the list of ingredients may say "wheat, peanut butter, cashew nuts, honey, cocoa butter, evaporated cane juice, water, vanilla, salt". It can be the same amount of sugar as a whole as the first list but now, cashews and honey moved moved down list. At first glance it may seem healthy but it's just a game with a "healthy sugar". 

Third, although some sugar may be healthier than other sugars, in moderation, more sugar is added sugar, whether it is "healthy sugar" or not. Do not let some names that sound healthy "healthy sugar" trick you into believing that it is more dangerous added sugar. Some words jumped out at you. Beware of anything labeled "syrup", "malt", what that ends in "-ose", or "toll" is all the sugar. And do not forget the organic sugar is still sugar.Options:Yes , evaporated cane juice, raw honey, pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, stevia is healthier than fine sugar, white sugar, but not much. Most of us have a small amount of added sugar in our diet. But many of these foods contain a lot more to yield small amounts, and some of them have a very high proportion. So do not catch "fake health" by "healthy sugar" should be real sugar.

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