Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Check your mombrinior-top

As mothers, we understand the need for routine medical and dental examinations to ensure that our families are in prime condition. How about health mompreneur? Schedule you check-up lately? Here are three must ask questions to consider as you evaluate the health of your family and your business:

1. Even if you are a first family business or family business before? It is always the first question I ask the client. The first business of the family is one of the priority activities of the business before family. For example, a new start-up may be liable to put in extended hours at the office to get the business up and running. Alternatively, a solopreneur parents can have time limits that require immediate attention. A family business, the first is the one that can take a few steps away from the business to enjoy family activities. It is the entrepreneur who can leave the office at 4:00 to train soccer team his son's. Or mompreneur should not "ditching" one or two days to spend guilt-free summer day on the beach with the kids. Not better than the other and both very important in setting the stage for how priorities are set. The key here, though, is to talk as a family and as a business for you. This should be done not less than every six months. Ignoring it can leave the frustration, guilt, anxiety and anger at home and in the office.

2. What is your mission at home? Business? When was the last time you see your business mission? Wait, let me first ask this question: Do you want a mission for your family? If not, do it now, and do it before you check your business mission. The mission is an expression of your destination. This helps to direct your life, decisions and experiences. Manufacture and check your mission both at home and in business allows you to align the elements of your life to move forward in harmony.

3. Are you and your family have a business plan three five and ten years? Facing this, quite often the only plan that is often done when it comes to family - and many businesses, too - covers about five days ... maybe. Short-term planning (anything under 12 months), however, did not produce any long-term results. Responsible to sit down with your family and determine the three years, five years and ten years of your plan. Where do you see yourself? When done, take the same care to create a long-term vision for your business. With a family plan as a plan, determine where you see your business in three, five and ten years.

(C) 2009 Julie Watson Smith

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