Thursday, February 21, 2013

Children learn about the safety of the construction site

Children receive a timely reminder about the dangers of a construction site continues beginning of a long summer vacation. Ivor Goodsite, the mascot of the scheme constructor attention, go to promote safety in and around the location of the building Simonside Primary School in Jarrow, South Tyneside. He was accompanied by Mark Wilson, Director of Galliford Try Partnerships regeneration, spoke to more than 150 four to 11 years about the different types of risks they face on the site. Wilson said: "Our work with Ivor Goodsite and considerate constructors scheme is an important part of our approach to community interaction. Safety of all who may be affected by the construction work we do is all that matters. "Kids this age are very receptive and interested in learning, which makes it a real pleasure to visit." Generous Constructors Scheme is an independent national initiative established to enhance the image of the industry and encourage best practice beyond statutory requirements. Simonside deputy head teacher Edward Jackson said: "Children learn lessons from Ivor will benefit them both now and in the future. "It is important that they get a grounding in health and safety in a variety of different contexts. "It makes it easier for them to new situations and make them aware of the risks."

Housing is key to the economy

Architecture is one of the many sectors of the construction industry hit hard when the country went into recession back in 2008. House budget severely slashed and some companies are forced to cut jobs and close later due to lack of work and funding is available. The effects of the recession are still being felt throughout the country, with the number of reports expected to show very little hope in the near future. Figures released this week show that in the second quarter of this year, output in the construction sector fell 5.2% at the beginning of the industry to feel the effects of the economic slowdown and a sharp drop in public spending. However, despite reports of a bit in terms of growth, most of the country to start moving forward, the construction industry needs to be nurtured because this sector is the one with the most impact in the wider economy. At the beginning of the month, 23 of the country's name contractors began the campaign, Creating the Future UK, urged the government to speed up decision-making and to find new ways of financing construction products to stimulate broader growth. The campaign began with a letter highlighting the ability of the industry to create and develop growth areas, such as for the Olympic Games, on time and on budget while providing people with valuable skills. For every £ 1 spent on construction, £ 2.84 is generated in the local economy. Overall, the construction industry is worth more than £ 120bn in the UK each year in one of 12 people - 11% of the total UK workforce - work in construction. Paul Moore, MD, of the Darlington-based construction and development specialist Southdale, is believed to put more focus on meeting the housing needs can be a significant reduction in the life of unemployment, give the economy a kick start needed. Support for the housing sector is not at the right level and he believes that this is partly because of our dedicated housing minister. Keep in planning law and the availability of land to allow residential address that will be developed at the level it should be. Although not remove unemployment life, it will help to reduce considerably. Chief executive Catriona Lingwood develop reliability North East. For more information about creating excellence in the North East, please call 0191 374 0233 or email

Friday, February 15, 2013

New private equity partners to Aesica Pharmaceuticals

AESICA Pharmaceuticals Limited (Aesica) is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization (CMO), headquartered in Newcastle. The company was originally founded in 2004 following a management buyout backed LDC (MBO) BASF production facility in Cramlington, Northumberland. MBO led by current CEO, Dr. Robert Hardy. Since the MBO Aesica has grown through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions in its current position as a provider of integrated services including CMO (active pharmaceutical ingredients) developing and manufacturing APIs and formulations (finished dosage) the development and manufacture of various pharmaceutical companies globally. The company now operates from six locations in the UK, Germany and Italy. The trend for big pharmaceutical companies to move away from a model of integrated, to focus on their core competencies of R & D and brand development, increase their reliance on third-party suppliers, such as Aesica, the entire value chain while also increasing the number of pharmaceutical manufacturing facility for sale. During the first quarter of 2011 Aesica completed the acquisition of three manufacturing sites in Germany and Italy from the Belgian pharmaceutical company UCB Sat acquisition allows Aesica to expand the network of sites in the UK for the first time, to make a step change in the formulation and its ability to establish a strategic partnership with UCB. Corporate finance team, led by Paul Mankin, assigned to the bank to secure the equipment needed to finance the transaction. In a separate interaction with the corporate finance team also retained to advise the company in recognition of a new private equity partners and to manage the process to manage the exit LDC. PwC's transaction services team, led by Nigel Ward, also assigned to conduct financial services vendor due diligence. Silverfleet Capital Private Equity was chosen as a new investor and the transaction successfully exchanged contracts in late September pending regulatory clearance obtained in Germany in October. Dr Robert Hardy, CEO of Aesica, said: "Aesica was founded more than 30 years in manufacturing. Recent acquisition of manufacturing sites in Germany and Italy demonstrates our commitment to improve services Aesica offers global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Our long-term strategic plan to establish a manufacturing presence in the U.S. and Asia in 2012 and with the support of Capital Silverfleet we can continue to expand into new markets, changing and growing faster. ' Paul Mankin, PwC corporate finance partner said "This is a great business and we are stuck in part contribute to future growth."

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two wins for PwC in the North East Awards dealmakers

In September 2011 Paul Mankin was awarded Corporate Finance Counselor of the Year and was nominated for the prize, dealmaker of the Year in the North East Insider dealmakers Annual Awards. This event celebrates the success of leading financial teams in the region and attended by 300 financial professionals Gosforth Park Marriot Hotel. In addition PwC corporate finance team, led by Paul, won the Corporate Finance Advisory Team of the Year. Continuously involved in major deals in the region, corporate finance team were recognized for their efforts and was also elected to the agreement of the Year for Aesica acquisition of three manufacturing sites from UCB biopharma companies worldwide. Paul Mankin said: "Winning two awards and being shortlisted in four categories is a real testament to the team and the amount of hard work with clients that have included this year. It is even more special because the award is chosen by financial professionals in the North East. This event gives us a great opportunity to show the talent of the team and it is very positive recognized in this way. '