Thursday, March 20, 2014

His and hers in the modern kitchen

It used to be the place that a woman is at home - but even the most trendy now admits that cooking is enjoyed by both sexes.

Maybe you like the idea of ​​your partner cook dinner themselves, but only with your kitchen designer to support the theme of togetherness.

Instead of the old idea of ​​the triangle (where the fridge, cooker and sink all in one step away from each other), kitchen designers are now suggesting that we make way for 2 cook (diamonds work? )

Well, especially geometry, but the idea is that we now have two kitchen sink area of ​​the kitchen. Too many cooks spoil the broth, you think?

Well, not according to the trend - it will then leave the homes of children and some retired and have kids, they like to do things together, including the kitchen! (Men Do this idea?)

However, on a more serious note, many people want to cook together, making meal time less of a chore and more an element of fun, so here is the idea of other recent kitchen for you and your partner to think about.

With new counter top can make you feel as if you have a new kitchen - so how have a counter top that changes color every time you want? It is like having a magic wand! It turns out that there is now a counter-tops are built with a micro chip in it and when the micro chip is pressed to change the colors around the counter top.

Fashions designers encouraged us to go for a larger kitchen today as a kitchen designer thinks that social isolation did not want to 'cook' future. A large desk and large families will all be in the kitchen to keep you company.

They are now introduced steam dishwasher, induction oven and even the floor to recognize your footsteps floor and adjust the temperature according to your personal preferences.

Why give your kitchen a makeover prior to selling a home? Do it now and enjoy the luxury of your own for a while!

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